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In times of "physical distancing" performances, we need tools that can work on those new contexts.

Welcome to the "COVID Book Test" a new set of book tests that are specially designed so you can interact with your participant at a distance.


A pocket book featuring the "Top 100 Paintings" of all times is shown.
The participant decides for any page, selecting a specific painting.
You are able to reveal the characteristics of the painting using telepathy or precognition

Each version of this book test will allow you to create that Outer Reality using different handlings, specific to the inner design of the specially printed book.

Thanks to the full color printing and bigger fonts, you are able to keep the needed distance with your participants, so everything stays inside the strict criteria of the new reality of performances.

With your order you will receive:

1. COVID Book Test (Telepathic, Precognitive or both)
2. Complementary eBook with specific handlings and approaches
3. FREE worldwide shipping

Perform powerful Mentalism and interact with your participant in secure ways with the "COVID Book Test" 

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